Files are synching even when wifi is disabled

I have an Android phone with Syncthing app and a Windows desktop computer with Synctrayzor. The computer is connected to a modem with an ethernet cable and the phone is connected to the modem’s wifi. I’ve set it up so that when I take a photo with my phone, it’ll be synced to my desktop computer. It works great.

But today I noticed that the photos will transfer although I turned off wifi on my phone, and even turned off the modem’s wifi. I didn’t know this was possible, I thought everything’s syncing through modem’s (w)lan. Should it work like this? Have I maybe set it up incorrectly?

Syncthing can sync through the Internet which in your case will be via the mobile data connection (unless you’ve disabled it in the Android app settings).

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Oh, right. Indeed, “Run on mobile data” seems to be ticked. I had missed that! Thank you. I’ll need to read more about this - maybe I’ll leave it ticked.

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