File watcher not supported on zfs / OmniOS?

Hi there,

I never used Syncthing before and only started trying it yesterday. My main file server is a OmniOS VM, data is saved on a zfs file system on a single hard disk.

When the Syncthing started on OmniOS server, these two lines logged in standard outoupt:

2020-05-28 15:05:38 Error while trying to start filesystem watcher for folder "Default Folder" (default), trying again in 1min: watching is not supported

It has been running for almost a day now, presumably the file watcher has tried numerous times without success.

My question therefore is: Is Syncthing file watching function not supported on either OmniOS or zfs file system?



My debian zfs on Linux setup supports file watching. I don’t know omnios :man_shrugging:

The problem is that the filesystem watcher for Solaris & illumos needs cgo, meaning it can’t be cross compiled from Linux which is how we build it. Syncthing needs to be built natively on illumos for this to work.

Old, incorrect post:

Is this using our illumos build? It strikes me that the notify library has a bunch of build tags for solaris but nothing for illumos (as that was introduced later). So it’s likely that no backend is built for illumos. I suspect the API differences are small, you could try the solaris build in the meantime.

Thanks for the info. I might have to move to FreeNAS from OmniOS by the look of it. Relying on scanning regularly without real time file system watcher might not be practical for me as each run seems to take 6 hours or so, a bit too long.

If one would compile syncthing natively on Solaris/Illumos/OmniOS would that enable the file watcher?


Would that be something to pursue, or would that be rather counter productive since it is outside the cross-compilation scheme?

What do you mean - adding build instances for those to Syncthings build roster? That’s just not really worth the trouble, with a combined (usage reporting) usage base of 16 people. And with distros they anyway usually do packaging of software themselves, so I’d consider that a better place to get more “native” Syncthing support.

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