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I understand the concept of file versioning, but had a question about it’s functionality in a specific use case. I have two instances of syncthing. The first in ‘send only’ mode and trash-can file versioning. The second is receive only with simply file versioning, keeping 3 copies.

I see the versions working on the receiving device, but the send only device doesnt appear to have a version folder. Does versioning not apply to a send device? Or is the folder located somewhere that I’m not thinking to look?

Versioning does not apply to changes on the local device itself, but only for changes received from other devices. Thus send-only folders never version anything by definition.

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wonderful. This was my assumption but I wanted to be sure. If feel like a small change could be made to the UI where the file versioning is grayed out if the device is in send only mode, just to make it clear that no file versioning will take place in that mode.



What do @calmh, @imsodin and @AudriusButkevicius think, would this be a worthwhile effort? (Disable the versions button when the folder is configured send-only).

If the folder previously had a different type, there might already be files in .stversions so it’s not absolutely useless for send-only folders.

Pretty much my thinking.

I’d say ideally the “Versions” button should only be available when there are actual files inside the .stversions folder (or the custom path if set). This could be regardless of whether versioning is enabled or not at the current time. If this was the case, it would also be safe to disable the “Versioning” tab for Send Only folders.

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There will be panic when someone deletes a file locally and then panics that they can’t find the button that shouldn’t be there.

I think keeping it as it is is the mose sensible way.

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