File versioning is not working

Ok, so I’m using staggered file versioning and I never really needed to access an old file before until today and when I go to access old files, Syncthing didn’t save anything!

There is no “.stversions” in my directory even with hidden items shown. I really need to access a file that hasn’t been recently edited.

If you edited the files locally Syncthing can’t version them.

Versioning applies to changes received from other devices


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What do you mean locally, how else would you edit them? I’m not referring to that if that’s what you mean.

It’s not versioning files PC to Android, it does not keep any version of the file whatsoever. Staggered versioning is enabled on both sides. A .stversions was not created as well as I don’t see it in my Syncthing folder.

From Simple file versioning:

For example, if you set this value to 5, if a file is replaced 5 times on a remote device, you will see 5 time-stamped versions on that file in the “.stversions” folder on the other devices sharing the same folder.

It’s not clear from your description if we’re on the same page.

I create a file on A, it syncs to B. I modify file on A, B versions the old copy of the file, then sync the new version from A.

So A makes modifications to files, B versions them. If B modifies files, they will not be versioned by B.

On android versioning might not work as for example on the sd card, syncthing doesn’t have write permissions, just read.

We’re on the same page as that’s exactly what I’m saying and my setup.

So file versioning doesn’t need to be enabled on both devices? Only A, for example. How do I set it up for both sides if I have “send and receive”.

I don’t use an sd card.

You set it up on the side where you want versions to be created when a change is synced from the other side. So you can do that on both sides, or either, or neither, to your preference.

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