File versioning apparently gets auto-disabled

I’ve been using Syncthing on Linux, Windows and Android. No idea which one, but apparently, one component in this chain auto-disables simple file versioning. Not only that, on top of that it also deleted all versions stored in the .stfolder directory.

It also just so happened that the synchronization fucked up so badly that it decided to overwrite the current with an old version.

Honestly, do with this info whatever you want… This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The constant sync conflicts were annoying as is, but the file versioning being completely unusable on top of that, and deleting old versions… Sorry, I don’t trust this crap anymore. Will be looking for alternatives.

I think there was a bug in the release candidate that was shipped very briefly that did this, which got fixed within a few hour.

Perhaps you were unlucky enough to pick that up and run it, which caused this. This should not be a persistent thing however, as in, it only should have happened once.

Anyways, given you’ve made your decision, I am going save my breath and just wish you best of luck. No software is perfect, and sorry you’ve had issues.

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