File Versioning and image deletion issue

I’m using syncthing in order to sync any photos I take on my phone with my pc for my Jellyfin server. I enabled file versioning on the pc side and noticed that in the main folder there were a lot of images labeled “.trashed” not in the “.stversions” folder. After connecting my phone to my pc I realized that when I delete photos on it it turns them into .trashed files and hides them, except that they’re still in the folder and end up syncing as well. This leaves me with a version in “.stversions” and a version in the main folder as “.trashed”. I could disable file versioning, but this doesn’t deal with the issue of all of the “.trashed” versions being in the main folder. Anyone know if there’s any way to have android put trashed images in a different folder, have syncthing ignore them, or a different solution entirely?

You can just add /.trashed to your ignore patterns for the folder on Android. You should be able to do it via the app interface, but if there are issues, you can also do it through the Web GUI (which is available from the left slide-out panel).

You may also want to have a look at

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It’s one of Google Photos app’s features: Delete or restore your photos & videos

Each “trashed” photo is permanently deleted after 30 or 60 days depending on if it’s stored locally or backed up to the cloud on Google Photos.

I’m not aware of an option in Google Photos to disable or move deleted images into an alternate folder. When I bulk delete images, I use a file manager instead of Google Photos to save the step of emptying Google Photos’ trash can.

In Syncthing, I use the following ignore pattern in my .stignore file:


Even though so far I’ve never named a file or folder as – or starting with – the string .trashed, being more specific with the ignore pattern avoids unintended gotchas.


Thanks a lot, tried this out and it worked great.

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