File Sync question

Im attempting to use syncthing to transfer files to my main computer at home. I have setup my main computer to be receive only and the other box to be a send only device. Is there anyway to only have the file sync once, so when I move the file from the folder it syncs to on my main desktop, it doesn’t re-add the same file back onto my device because its attempting to sync the folders?

It’s not perfectly clear what you are trying to do here and what your intentions are. If you were more clear about those, maybe we could give you some advice on how to achieve what you want. But I can tell you how your configuration will work.

Two computers, S (send only) and R (receive only). One synced folder.

  • File x gets added on R. -> Nothing happens, x goes nowhere.
  • Files y and z get added on S. -> Both files appear on R and all changes made on S appear on R. Changes made to files y and z on R don’t appear on S.
  • File y gets removed (or moved to another folder that is not synced, for Syncthing it’s the same thing) on S. -> File y gets removed on R, too.
  • File z gets removed on R. -> Nothing happens, file z is not removed from S.

This is basically how Send Only and Receive Only folders work.

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