File pull order: smallest first. How does this work?

Hi Guys, I have a 2-nodes setup I use to transfer files over my LAN. I don’t understand how file sync priorities work.

Scenario: 2 machines, “empty” Sync dir and empty sync queue on each.

  • Go to machine 1, suspend sync w/ machine 2.
  • Load Sync dir on machine 1 with 2 .m4v files and 2 .jpg files: A.jpg, A.m4v, B.jpg, B.m4v
  • Rescan Sync folder on machine 1
  • Check machine 2 has option “File Pull Order: Smallest First” activated on the Sync dir
  • Resume sync w/ machine 2.

Result: machine 2 starts pulling A.jpg, then A.m4v, B.jpg, B.m4v

How can I get machine 2 to queue up files by increasing size order?

It’s somewhat broken now.

Previously we used to aggregate all the files we discover and send them in one go, but due to someones request we now announce files as soon as we discover them, so the “list of files we need to download” usually contains only one or two items, and the sort order is only preserved there.


I posted because I thought I didn’t see a bug open on this in github. As long as you are aware of it, that’s fine and I will wait.

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