File (not) deletion in backup/sync server

I’ve set up a Syncthing server (using Docker) to help with my backup routine at work.

I have a main “Work In Progress” folder on my computer at my office that is backed up to the server at home while the jobs are still not finished. When finished I send those jobs to their respective archive and backup disks using some other application.

The thing is, syncthing is not deleting the files/folders I delete in my office computer. Have I set anything the wrong in syncthing or is this the default behaviour?

My intended behaviour is that this folder on my server at home would be a prefect mirror of my works folder in my office computer. When a new file is created or updated, the change happens also in the server and when I delete something in the office computer, it also gets deleted in the server.

The files are being created, I’m going to double check if they are being updated, but I do believe they are. But when a file is deleted there, it’s not being deleted in the server.

It’s kind of “rsync -a” behaviour, that won’t delete files unless you specifically use the “–delete” thing.

I thought of file permissions, but the files are being created and mostly updated, so I don’t know if it could be. Anyway, the container has been created with my UID and GID and the target folder is owned by the same user:group

Adding a few information as I’m researching and trying to figure this out:

  • Ignore Delete not marked on the server nor on the office computer;
  • Neither office or server set to introducer;
  • File versioning is set to simple, but it means the deleted files/folders should have been moved to the .stversions folder, right?

Everything you wrote looks correct basically. Sorry I have no idea why deletions would not be synced. It is definitely the intended behavior. Anything in the logs that might help find the reason?

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