file name too long on linux

Have 0.14.21 on a linux desktop and mac laptop. I’m trying syncing on a new linux laptop and I have these problems:

[UDKMN] 12:25:06 INFO: Puller: final: open /home/jakub/sync/zotero/storage_test/WDCSCP8D/.syncthing.Hall, Agan, Pope - 2010 - The Journal of heredity - Fitness epistasis among 6 biosynthetic loci in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerev.pdf.tmp: file name too long

I guess its long, but it wasn’t a problem before. Is it a misleading error?

I see its a problem with encrypted file system that has lower length limits

Which encrypted file system. If I remember correctly we lowered the length before using “cryptic” file names because (I think) encfs had a lower max length. Maybe we could lower it a little more, depending on the FS you use.

I think its ecryptfs. It comes as a checkbox when you install ubuntu 16.04.


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