File name contains invalid characters - cannot find file

I have one file that is reported as having invalid characters. I presume this is the /.

2016-05-18 18:02:39: File name “OneDriveBusiness/Icon\r” (folder “xxx”) contains invalid characters; marked as invalid.

I can’t actually find this file in the file system though. Searching the whole drive for OneDriveBusiness returns no results. When I ran the sync for the first time, there was a folder with that name that had no content (other than more subfolders anyway).

Could this entry still be in the database? This is on a PC and the issue is with the scanning on that node. The message pops up each time the service is restarted.

That file is a magic folder icon file that exists on Macs (and I’d like to have a chat with whoever thought a carriage return in the name was a real nifty idea). Adding an ignore pattern for Icon? is probably the easiest way to get rid of it on the Windows side.

Solved. Thank you.

Second day, replacing SugarSync for work to home laptop syncing. Very pleased, thanks to your team for doing this.

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