file modified but not rescanned; will try again later - new index


I had successfully aprox 4m files in sync, until my syncthing instance was building new index… Now i had problem with errors (file “files\56bcd6df-a950-496c-84a6-55a6ba837d8b\Envelope.xml”): file modified but not rescanned; will try again later) but nothing was changed (only index was rebuild)… After one day errors has stopped, but folders does not seen as in sync…

Now when index is rebuild sycthing has .tmp duplicates and my storage disk is almost full of this duplicates… How can I fix this?

32 I can’t remove/rename/move 4mil of files because is too much of job for file managers memory…

I suspect you have case differences in the folder paths that lead to this, given you are on windows and things are case insensitive. Make sure all folders where these tmp files exist have the same casing.

After that, it’s probably better to rebuild the index again.

Hello, thank you for quick reply… Both syncthings are on Windows OS… Source/Destination files are not being modified in any way, only new are added… And I’m 100% that folders are same, because no other software is having access to this folder, also folder is receive only…

Sure, but I am asking about the capitalization of folder names leading up to the path where you have temp files.

These must be the same on windows.


I’m running a test on W10 where you install linux for windows and then enable case mode. You need at least 1803.

Since January when I started using Syncthing, it’s been an issue with case and speeds with St failing all the time. I have Windows to Windows syncs. So last week I wiped the synced files, set up a Case sensitive sync receive folder in W10, moved over the sync exe and configs to the W10 machine, deleted the index db and started again. Difference is night and day in as much that jobs that always failed in the past are completing and the speeds are often maxing my internet (I run syncs from 10 offices over 24 jobs)

I’m still waiting for some jobs / syncs to complete as I have 5Tb of data in total but already i’m seeing more ‘up to date’ than ‘failed’ or other ‘out of sync’ errors.

Well both OS are windows and folder paths are in same case. I not sure what caused that error, because nothing was changed on file system and now I deleted index and started the sync again, temp files are being deleted and scanning shows successful progress.

Will report back when scan finishes.

Did this work for you? I’m currently dealing with the same issue and nothing is working for me.

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