File encryption on Main("Server")

Hello community, for almost 2y i am using this magnificent program. I have it installed on a XigamaNas OS and have this implemented in several desktop. Now my Q: Maybe in the near future could will be possible to implement a function that encrypt files where are store, and base of the key ID and password could be decrypt and encrypt. Decrypt on main client end encrypt on storage. I was think to this in case of someone will access main source he can’t have access to files that are sync there. Many thanks for this great tool!

Hello @Costache_Cristian, I’m glad you like Syncthing!
The feature is planned and in discussion, please see the following link for more information


Hi @uok,

This is great, it will be a nice future to be added in! I will fallow the the tread for update! Sync will be the greatest tool in the near future. Have a nice day.

@Costache_Cristian it seems to be one of the really demanded features. I also would like to use such a functionality. While it is not implemented, you can use CryFS. I use it to sync various documents onto remote server.

So, I have local folders “~/Vault/encrypted” and “~/Vault/decrypted”. I run syncthing with a script, say “my-startup”. The script runs CryFS, which asks for a password, decrypts “~/Vault/encrypted” and mounts the content into “~/Vault/decrypted”. I sync “~/Vault/decrypted” with my mobile device (so it always has unencrypted copies of my documents) and “~/Vault/encrypted” with my remote server. Pros of this approach is that the content goes to remote server already encrypted (although we have https, this wouldn’t hurt). Cons is that if you can’t have 2 devices, which encrypt the data, in my experience the encrypted versions do not coincide, so it causes conflicts and scrambled data and you need to permit sending of encrypted data only from one device.

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