File download via url

hi guys! what about some feature like "

would this be complicated to implement? :yum:

It’s been discussed a few times, here and on Github. It’s out of scope for Syncthing. Here are some links to get you started.

I know - I already installed pydio for that purpose but got some right problems :flushed: And honestly I don’t know why using a “third” party tool, when using syncthing for up- & download and syncing :sunglasses:

I think I’ve explained why a few times already in those threads…

To add some extra thoughts:

Syncthing can establish a connection so long as one of the parties can establish a connection to another. This means that one of the two devices can be completely inaccessible from the outside world (e.g. UPnP is unavailable, no port forwarding), and a connection can still be established.

A direct file download will require that a connection to the machine hosting the download can be established, which is less of a sure thing. You might have a situation where two devices can successfully synchronise, but you can’t download from one of them: that’s going to confuse people. Dropbox gets away with it because it’s centralised: there’s always an online central server. Syncthing doesn’t have that luxury (by design).

Similarly, Syncthing copes with devices going offline, and that’s fine. A direct file download won’t cope.

Now, the more Syncthing-esque way to do this would be to have folders (or individual files within folders) that can be shared (i.e. synced to Syncthing devices) without explicit permission being given: just having a magic number is enough. BTSync allows this. There have been discussions on this in the past: dig through the forums or github issues.

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