file deletion when syncing an empty folder

So long story short, I have been using syncthing to send photos from my phone to my computer. OFC i did not have any other backups, but if you have a suggestion on what “FOSS” ways to do that are recommended then go ahead. Today I was setting up my phone after system reinstall, and accidentally deleted whole contents of my camera folder on my PC.

short version: after setting up a send-only folder DCIM on my phone, I overrided some changes and PC deleted all contents of that folder (on PC, where android had zero files there) Is this intended behaviour? From what I can remember, folder on my phone said 0/0 files, but showed out of sync - after tapping it I was asked to confirm or override changes and then it started deleting files form DCIM folder on PC.

Yes, this is the intended behaviour. Overriding remote changes will make the folder on all devices identical to the current state of the Send Only folder. I think the warning message is quite clear though…

Did you see such a warning before clicking the “override” button?

There is plenty of FOSS backup solutions, but for the time being, I’d suggest you definitely should at least enable versioning in Syncthing itself. This way, you will at least be able to restore accidentally deleted files, as in a case like this one.

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This warning is not shown in the android app, and yes, if I saw this warning I wouldn’t have clicked override - it’s definitely clear enough, explaining what will happen. There is only override changes button with an upload logo and that’s it. After clicking it it just does the thing (deleting test file 1 in test folder 1, because test folder 1 on android is empty)

Yeah that’s not good, no argument there. Feel free to file an issue on syncthing-android.

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