Feedback about Sentry ?

Hello, I saw that you started using Sentry lately. A simple search for “sentry” on the forum has only one hit, so I wanted to ask if you had some time to write a sort of “experience report” about it. As a developer, it looks like super helpful.

thanks for Syncthing!



I also found, but that is more related to the privacy aspects of using Sentry (or anything else), not to Sentry ops and utility.

It has good and bad aspects. The most bad thing in my opinion is that it lives in the assumption that you’re monitoring some sort of infrastructure under your own control. In such a setup, when things start breaking it’s probably your own fault and you can locate the problem and fix it. We don’t live in that world and hence get a constant stream of completely random failures from all over the place, likely caused by everything from bad setups to bad hardware and stray cosmic rays. Sentry tries to attribute this to recent code changes and whatnot.

I’ll say this though, I would be a lot less happy trying to handle all the reports without the summarizing dashboard thing Sentry provides.

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Yay, it’s not useless afterall.

Definitely not useless, no.

Thanks both @calmh and @AudriusButkevicius.