Feature Request & Usability Fix

I tried to search the forums for any previous posts similar but it’s not exactly the easiest site to search. I have a couple thoughts that I think would be useful.

1 - when limiting the upload bandwidth the units are done in bytes/s but broadband accounts (and the upload speed displayed on the main info screen) are measured in bits/s. Some people may not catch this discrepancy and not know that you need to divide by 8 to go from bits to bytes causing problems / confusion.

2 - feature suggestion - it would be very useful to be able to set upload limitations per node instead of globally. nodes that are on my local network don’t need to be slowed down like ones syncing over the internet.

Thanks for the great software! Keep up the good work!

No matter what unit is chosen, someone will want the other one. :slight_smile:


Edit: we should probably have the same one on display as in the config though; unless the display unit is easily changeable.