Feature Request: Sync only between specific devices / "user" or "group"-folders

First of all syncthing is really a great tool, thank you for all the effort spent!!

A group of friends and me are using Syncthing to share all kind of files. Most of all its fine that each content is synched to everyone

However sometimes it would be better if a content is only synched to a specific user/device, as it is only of interest for a specific person. Is it possible to add something like that. A way I could image is something similar to .stignore, with the difference that it would be globally synched and placed locally in the specific folder and act like a “positive list”. You’d put in the name of the device that synch the related, all other devices which would not find themselfes in that fould would ignore the folder. It should be that way so that you dont have to maintain a list each time a new device is added to the repository.

That way you could create folders that behave like a “user”-folder (when you only add one device name in that file) or “group”-folders (when you just add a few device names). Lets name that file .stsyncdevices

it would then look something like that

Hope that makes sense? Maybe this could be considered somewhen, as I guess that cannet yet be achieved with the current .stignore prameters.

Thank you again for that great tool, Joerg

Why not just add a new shared folder to SyncThing for that one person or group and put your files in there instead of your main folder?

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