Feature request: sync on file change

Hi guys, I’m moving form BTS to Syncthing and so far there is only one feature aI’m really missing: the ability to sync files as soon as something changed.

Right now I’m using 1 sec interval, but still is not as good as native filesystem-driven event and I really fear that something can get corrupted if one check fires before the last one completed…


Hi Welcome to the forums!

What OS are you on? You could try: Syncthing-gtk, it has inotify support:

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Hi, thanks for your reply!

I’ve a headless CentOS (no GUI) one one side and Windows on my own system. Will your tool work on Windows?

Maybe this might work for you: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-inotify

for inotify, there are some file limits, maybe you can see here: Help with inotify

Syncthing-gtk will work on windows, too.

An windows-only alternative is SyncTrayzor.

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Those both look promising, thanks! I’ll give them a spin soon!

@Zane, I have used both setups:

  1. syncthing + syncthing-gtk
  2. syncthing + syncthing-inotify

They both work fine, and both provide what you’re asking, because they use inotify. The syncthing-android client also uses inotify.

I’m currently playing with (2).

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Congratulations for SyncThing. It has gone a long, really long way since I last checked it.

It is a pity that SyncThing does not support natively event driven file system change notifications instead of just (the much more resource expensive) pulling requests… at least under the windows platforms.

I expect there might be some good reasons for this. I also expect that this missing feature request may soon be added in the top priority list of future releases.

I tried SyncTrayzor, but it seems it is not possible to run this program as a system service under a restricted account and have the front end communicate with it under a regular windows user account.

I also hope the SyncTrayzor feature of setting the SyncThing process priority will soon be added to the main SyncThing program.

Overall, adding both of the above features will make possible to run SyncThing on older PC hardware as dedicated boxes.

syncthing-inotify works fine on Windows, I think?

There is a GitHub issue to merge inotify support into Syncthing natively.