Feature request: Sync calendar and contacts


I was wondering if there are any plans on syncing more than just files? I really love I can sync my files descentralised with sync, but I would also love to do this with my contacts and calendar. I know there’s owncloud, but it’s not descentralised and requires a server that’s always running. I think it would be amazing if Syncthing could do this as well…

Given your contacts and calendars are files (.ics et al), why not?

This could be a top level product. When you want to start some commercial activity around syncthing this could be an interesting thing.

I feel that this is an already solved problem, in so many ways. Nor I would buy a product for a problem which is already solved.

Nobody cares if their contacts are synced p2p or via some centralized server.

I do. Why would someone care about his files and not care about his contacts and calendar?

A top level application might be indeed a better idea, but I like the idea of an all in decentralized p2p solution for syncronizing your data.

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I don’t think it’s in scope for syncthing to do anything special here at the moment. If they’re files, they’ll sync. If they’re not, special magic is required.

Syncing calendar and contacts p2p would be very very nice.

But I dont think this is a syncthing issue.

Like Audrius said, you simply need an app that exports your calendar entries and to contacts to ics and vcf files and monitors these files to import the changes into the calendar app. Then you sync these folders via syncthing with other devices.

I assume writing such an app e.g. for Android is not a big deal. The harder part is probably agreeing on the desktop calendar app you wish to support.

Well, OwnCloud or Nextcloud calendar/contact sync is quite a bit different from just .ics file sync. That’s a feature I think OP wanted to see.