Feature Request - Individual File 'Revert Local Changes' Review

Hello all:

I’m working on a system where I want to gradually bring a pre-existing folder into sync with the cluster. As such, I’ve set the folder to Receive Only so far, so that I can review the differences between the cluster and the local copy.

The sync has now reached a stable state, so I have a list of Locally Changed Items that I can review.

From this state, it would be great to have options on how to handle each item individually:

  • Should the local copy of this item be deleted?
  • Should the local copy of this item be accepted into the cluster?
  • Open a Finder (or equivalent) window showing this file, so I can then see what it’s all about.

At present, I have to individually hunt down each file and delete any that I don’t want, before I can then set the folder to Send/Receive. Tools to help streamline this process would be most appreciated!


That would be very nice indeed. The requests even exists already: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/2710

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