Feature request: I wish the syncthing could cync two folders in the same device.

I think many people have such a demand like: sycing C:\work_folder to C:\another_work_folder.

But syncthing only support a unique ID between different devices, we can’t make C:\work_folder and C:\another_work_folder have the same ID.

Of course there are workrounds like runing two syncthing instance on one device with different device ID.

But I more wish syncthing could support cyncing two folders in the same device (two local folders have same ID).

synctoy might be a better option, although it’s been years since I have used it, but I think it will do the job

bare in mind if the file is use, nothing will copy it

This has really nothing to do with Syncthing, but since the topic is about Windows, FreeFileSync is open source, uses shadow copies to deal with locked files, and supports one- and two-way sync of local folder pairs. It also has an option to do real-time synchronisation. It does not support delta sync though, so it is not suitable for synchronising giant files, which change often.

For simple one-way sync, the built-in robocopy will usually do the job, although it cannot copy files in use. It also has switches like /mon and /mot to stay in background, monitor the source folder for changes, and constantly update the destination.


That would also be interesting for me, since I currently have 10 folders on my servers, which I exchange “crosswise”. Since I luckily have more than one server, no problem. But what if it wasn’t? And if one of the two fails, I have also the problem.

Don’t hold your breath. This would be fairly hard to implement in syncthing so unlikely to happen.