Feature Request - Create a homebrew application for the Nintendo 3DS (and possibly other handhelds as well)

Title says it all. Really just want to be able to sync RetroArch saves between my modded 3DS and my laptop. Figured this may not be that big of a deal since the 3DS has been nailed down for years at this point. Would be really helpful in my mission to make my 3DS my one-stop gaming powerhouse (although it’s over a decade old but whatever lol).

Maybe not just the 3DS, but also other handheld devices like the PS Vita. I know the Steam Deck already supports Syncthing, so it may not be entirely impossible.

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Steam deck is just linux. The other ones you named are proprietary operating systems. It will not happen unless go somehow magically adds support compiling to psvitaet al (which won’t happen)

Maybe helpful/useful for the PS Vita.

Python 3.11.2 and 2.7.18 Interpreters and Libraries for the PSVita

And many more DevTools for the PS Vita → Sorry, only 2 links…