Feature Request - Allow Mobile Data Usage By Folder

Hi all!

Feature Request - Set Mobile Data Usage By Folder.

Use Case - User wants to sync critical folders (foo, bar, and baz) on mobile phone with home network via cellular data, while syncing all others only via wifi.

Thank you in advance for any consideration of this request.


Would like to see this. I would like some folders to only sync over mobile data.

If I understand things correctly, the feature is available in a syncthing fork. See here:

I wonder, though, why that fork exists or why the improvements of the fork are not incorporated in the main version. Usually, a fork marks some fundamental differences or trade-offs between different development paths, but I don’t really see that here. Could someone explain? @Catfriend1? @AudriusButkevicius?

This question comes up every now and then (understandably), but the only topic I found with it is Syncthing & Syncthing Fork - I feel like I wrote a somewhat more comprehensive explanation at some point. Anyway, the reasons stated there are still valid and if you want more details, you can dig them out in the forum and github history.

TL;DR, the fork wants to move fast and not to get bogged down by code reviews, we don’t want unreviewed/unscrutinized code shipped.