feature idea: error reporting via p2p connections

Here’s an idea: when a node has an error (e.g. disk full), it could gossip that error via the p2p connections to other nodes, and then any error condition could be displayed in that node’s infobox (under “Remote Devices”) alongside its version number, address, et c.

Then, from one node (e.g. your desktop), you could see if your other connected nodes (e.g. your raspberry pis in closets somewhere) are having problems without setting up external monitoring.


Errors are usually per file so it would be a lot of messages flying around. Also, it’s not something you can act on, so I question the value.

I could certainly see the value in seeing that a peer is out of sync not because they’re lazy but because they’re out of space or stuck on a permission error. But I don’t necessarily think we should expose the error in its entirety, just a status at the end of a sync iteration saying “failed”, basically.