Feature idea: a way to change default settings for new devices and folders

There are many requests to change various default settings. Different use cases lead to different preferences. Here are some examples:

enable “File Versioning” by default

Feature Request: Editable default folder parameters

Default path for new folders

Trash should be default remove behavior

Why isn’t “Introducer” on by default?

I am wondering if there could be a way to change default settings for new devices and folders. My suggestion is to have a preference template with all the options, and let the admin pick the default. Ideally, there would be one extra option: “Same as last time”, which is Cathryne’s great suggestion from this thread:

It would address all the use cases. And app builders like us could override the default settings for our use case (Syncthing on the Server) while letting site admins choose something else:

It should not change settings for already created folders and devices.



I don’t think anyone is against it, but someone needs to care about it to implement it.

I suspect you can already achieve this with Arigi, but thats a paid product.

Most people who do any form of automation could trivially automate the process. Also, you could probably automate part of this by simply using a custom UI theme overriding the defaults specified in the JS file.


Maybe step zero could be to break out the UI defaults into a separate json file or so (loaded by the UI), which could be trivially overriden by a “theme” or replaced by a packager/integrator. That’s almost zero effort.

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I signed up to the forums just to ask about this feature, it seems like a very basic, useful and for some usecases even necessary thing. :slight_smile:

If you always want trashcan file versioning or chronological sync then this helps a lot in reducing repetitive interaction.

This feature makes even more sense when you look at it combined with the auto-accept feature. If a user uses auto-accept on a device, they likely don’t want to interact much with the web UI to set up folders, for example in the case of a homeserver that is always up to sync with even if other devices are down.
For that usecase it would be even better to also be able to tell Syncthing to auto-accept for every added device, so the only user input is adding the device and then the rest figures itself out. So folder-defaults and device-defaults both would be a great enhancement here.

In short, I can see many uses for this feature and I would consider it a fantastic addition to Syncthing. I honestly expected it to already be present. :slight_smile:

I think this would be a nice addition. I setup around 50 folders on my server and had to adjust the same settings for each one. It’s not a big deal but sometimes I forgot and had to to through all the folder to find the one I missed. It would be nice if I could simply set this up once and know those settings will be applied automatically for every folder when they are created.

Also adding to this - it would be nice to have a way to globally change a setting for all folders. For example - if I have Trash Can File Versioning setup and wanted to change the number of days to clean it out for every folder. I was able to do this manually in the config file by doing a search and replace then restarting Syncthing. It would be a little faster doing it from the UI.

Thanks for the great software.

For that many folders, I would suggest to manage the settings in the config.xml file. It is much faster this way than fiddling around with the GUI. You can also use search or search and replace functionality in your text editor to quickly check them or do mass edits. Just remember to restart Syncthing after modifying the file.