Feature Graphic for Play Store

The Play Store now requires a feature graphic for all apps (if there is no such image, the app can’t be updated).

I’m really bad with graphics, so I just uploaded a white picture as a placeholder for now.

If anyone wants to give it a try, and makes a nice graphic, I would upload that instead :slight_smile:

(and if multiple people try it, we’d set up a vote)

Here’s the simplest thing I can think of with components that come straight from the Syncthing website and the project repo. I don’t know the source of the sky image, so you might want to check that it is not copyrighted before using it.

Where did you get the sky image?

You must have missed the text above the distracting image:

Here’s another concept for the feature graphic, using the natural metaphor of the interconnected branches of a tree between leaf “nodes” instead of the cloud metaphor. In this case I know where the tree image originated, because I took the photo.

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FWIW, the original cloud image is a creative commons licensed one via Flickr, where I fucked up and forgot the attribution, and now I can’t find it again. I’ve replaced it with a correctly attributed one on the main site. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I’m actually not sure where to display license information for this graphic in the Play Store (except for the description, which isn’t perfect imo).

So I would prefer the second one (then again, consistency would be really good). But I will just make a vote today or tomorrow.

It seems like the feature graphic is only displayed when the app is featured in the Play store, so there is probably time to change it before the general public might see it. In the meantime, this could act as a placeholder. In the worst case, Syncthing is featured tomorrow (not exactly a bad thing) and the few graphically or marketing astute will conclude (possibly incorrectly) that Syncthing has a natural world aesthetic. I think the logo and name are what people will pay attention to, and those are solid. Much better than the old “St” icon for sure.

It’s also displayed in the Android Play Store app (at least on my KitKat devuce).

Oh, sorry. I haven’t actually used the Play store for so long I don’t know what the app looks like anymore.

Okay so here’s a quick poll, I’ll wait for like two days, please vote :smiley:


And by the way, I guess I should state clearly that the tree image I submitted is now public domain, available for all to use for any and all purposes from now until the end of time, etc etc.

Alright, as per the result of the poll (clouds - 4, tree branches - 6), I’m uploading the tree branches pic to the Play Store and Github repo.

@anaqreon How should I credit you for this? (you could also make a pull request for the image yourself if you want)

Thanks, but I don’t need official credit for this. I will be happy for recognition when I contribute to some improvement of the code.

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As you say, and thanks a lot

Looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

Edit: I just noticed how ugly these smileys are…