Faux WebDAV for IOS?

I lot of people seem to want an IOS app, but such a venture comes with many difficulties and struggles. But IOS already has a built in system for file synchronization: WebDAV.

I know that Syncthing doesn’t use WebDAV, but would it be possible to create a fake interface that takes WebDAV commands and act according?

How would this work? Does webdav run outside of the sandbox?

I am not so familiar with the inner workings of Syncthing, so I am not quite sure what you mean. I imagine it as a webserver running on a separate port, much like the current Syncthing web interface.

Syncthing just puts files on disk, so if you have an internet accessible server with the files on you can run a WebDAV server there.

I think the idea might be to include a WebDAV server running within the same sandbox (and therefore process) as Syncthing so it can access all of Syncthing’s local files on iOS. The WebDAV interface would then allow other apps to see and use those files from outside the sandbox, still on the local device. Is this what you were imagining, @HackerWithoutACause?

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Oh OK. Files synced by Syncthing to iOS are already accessible to other apps via the Files browser, though. What isn’t possible is for Syncthing to access other apps’ files, like syncing a password manager’s storage. Would WebDav help with that somehow?

Sorry, I didn’t know it was as simple as running a WebDAV server in the Sync directory.