Failure to Sync: Failure checking encryption consistency

I set up a folder for syncing between 2 computers and a phone yesterday, and it seemed to be working until today. Now, whenever my folder tries to sync, they become disconnected and don’t sync.

The following warning appears in the GUI. I redacted the original computer name and folder ID. Failure checking encryption consistency with device DEVICE_2 for folder "MasterSync" (UNIQUE_ID): remote expects to exchange encrypted data, but is configured for plain data

The following error occurs in the Remote Devices log. A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network.

Does anyone know why this occurs? Afaik, I am setting these folders up with the same settings (Read & Write) and they are all trusted devices (at least I am assuming as such because I haven’t set any passwords for their access).

That error means that DEVICE_2 has configured the folder “MasterSync” as type receive-encrypted. If indeed you have it configured as send-receive (read-write), please share screenshots.

That’s what I thought the issue was, I made sure when saving the folder for the first time that I wasn’t changing the folder type; however, when looking at it now, the folder type was locked to receive-encrypted (I didn’t get a screenshot of it though). I then deleted the folder (on both Syncthing and Windows) and re-set it up, making sure again that it was read-write. But the issue still seems to occur.

This is from my original host computer.

This is from my second computer, the one that turned encrypted (BTW the second image is before I re-added it, but it stays showing send-receive after saving).

So, the error is gone now?

No, it still persists.

After setting my second computer’s client, it seems to have been fixed. Not sure why, but now I have no problems.

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