Fails to start because of webinterface IP

In the settings formula I typed in the two IP addresses of the two different physical interfaces I want to use in a comma-seperated list. Now syncthing fails to start and I don’t know how to reset the Webinterface address.

Edit Syncthing’s config.xml directly. On windows it’s in %LOCALAPPDATA\Syncthing, on Linux .config/syncthing.

Syncthing’s GUI can only listen on one address at once.

Thanks, but I wanted it to serve the web interface on the first address as the higher priority and on the second if first interface is not connected.

Is there some way to do that?

Not from within Synching, I think there was an issue opened on github about binding to multiple addresses but as far as I know it hasn’t progressed.

You could configure a reverse proxy though.

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Just bind to

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