Failing to sync when sharing devices encryption password is used


So really new to this system, so for now I’m testing 2 server located on the same network to eliminate the internet out of the problem.

Setup: 2 servers 2 folders 1 setup to send only 1 setup to receive only

now in order to test something I enabled a password under the sharing device, ensuring to use the same password on both ends

The error I get on receive only error log is as follow

I tried enabling advance logging to try and track down the problem but can’t find and issue. As soon as I remove the password both ends do a quick scan and bob’s your uncle all synced up fully.

Am I doing something wrong here as I would like to split the servers eventually one will be off site using Internet to connect, and I would like it to be password protected if possible

It seems like you have misunderstood the concept of untrusted sharing. Please read:

In normal use cases you do NOT set any passwords. You do it just for folders you share with devices you do not trust.

While @martinleben is correct that sharing between two trusted devices, setting the same password on both sides, brings you no benefit, it should work. The real reason for the generic errors you see should be logged on the other device.

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