Failed to start syncthing: config file version (37) is newer than supported version (35).

Hello! I’ve installed the SyncTryzor on my laptop, which runs with Windows 10. But when I open it, it appears a message which says:

In the log, it is said: 09:57:30 WARNING: Failed to initialize config: config file version (37) is newer than supported version (35). If this is expected, use -allow-newer-config to override.

What can I do in order to istall Synthing? I’ve already killed al synthing processes, and desinstalled and installed again, but it still doesn’t work.

I just need it to synchronize my Zotero pdf-files between the e-reader Boox and my laptop. Thanks for the help! I’ve been trying a lot, but still haven’t found the way…

The only times I have come across this issue is when I use an older Syncthing version after having ran a recent version of Syncthing. I believe SyncTrayzor is per default shipped with 1.18, so if you ever ran a more recent Syncthing instance (or Synctrayzor + upgraded it, no idea exactly how SyncTrayzor does it in all honesty), then it can absolutely lead to a config conflict.

I think the most proper solution would be to upgrade the underlying Syncthing version. syncthing -upgrade (just need to locate the right executable to do so).

But if you intended to start from scratch anyways, then you can decide to clean up the old config and databases. The relevant locations to delete would be; C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor and C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Syncthing.

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Even better than wiping your configuration and database: Simply search for syncthing.exe and replace SyncTrayzor’s copy with the latest release from GitHub. That’s what would happen anyways during the built-in automatic upgrade.

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