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Hi, I received the Configuration error windows on Windows 10 client this morning. Server is in QNAP NAS TS-251 at home, client outside the home network. It says: “Failed to parse the configuration file at:… ‘.’, hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 1, position 1. If you manually downgraded SyncTrayzor, note that this is not suopported. Please atemp to fix …\config.xml by hand. If unsuccessful, please delete… \config.xml and let SyncTrayzor re-create it.”

Thus, because I’m not able to fix by hand (basically not know what to do to fix it), can I delete the config file? I can damage the archived file? I can damage or lose files on QNAP NAS server?

Regards, Francesco


You can delete it. This is only SyncTray’s configuration. Synching’s configuration is safe.

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Thank You so much!! Francesco

Do you happen to have any antivirus running btw? I’m trying to track down what might be causing this…

There is Bitdefender internet security 2018 on that PC, with windows 10 home edition. But I installed SyncTrayzor from the beginning of September and it was good till this morning. Every day the PC is shithed off in the afternoon.

It happened that this morning Windows was very slow on starting. There should be an update process of windows? My wife said that there also an update on bitdefender, asked to reboot yesterday afternoon. I cannot check if updated something now, this PC is outside my home network. THANK YOU for your availability!

Aha that’s useful: it fits with what some other people have said (but not everyone)

Hi Antony, News about the problem? I checked the xml and is the same of the other win10. Then I erased the xml and rebooted, and says the same window! Reinstalled SyncTrayzor, and gave the same window… Added the program to bitdefender trusted programs, but the same… What should I do more?? Francesco

Are you sure you deleted the right file? There are two config.xml files.

I deleted first the config.xml only. And gave the same, then I checked the content on the first row of the other config, and there was no ‘.’ character on it, then I deleted both. And gave the same window. I made a copy of the two files as backup on the desktop.

Which is the “first” one?

I deleted the files on the wrong path… %LocalAppData%/Syncthing Not the path indicated in the screen… THAT’S MY BAD FAULT!!! I’ll try to recover the two config files deleted (I made a copy on the PC) then remove the right one! Hope that will work.

Recovered the WRONG deleted files, deleted the right as indicated config.xml… It works and the shared folder is Up to Date. Sorry for the mistake and thank for your availability…

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