Failed to lower process priority with snap

After installing with sudo snap install syncthing and running it as syncthing, I’ve got this message.

Looks like something is broken there. Now will syncthing in snap eat more resources than Ubuntu package version?

That’s likely a result of some kind of hardening by snap. It won’t use more resources, but it will get higher priority, i.e. is more likely to impact responsiveness of other applications if your system resources are maxed out.

Is it possible to set the priority using system config during snap installation? syncthing executable is a wrapper script there.

$ file `which syncthing`
/snap/bin/syncthing: symbolic link to /usr/bin/snap

You can set priority in systemd service files if you use that. E.g. I still have the following as I added that before the feature was added to Syncthing:

# /etc/systemd/system/syncthing@.service.d/override.conf

I have no clue about snap itself.

I don’t think snap package uses systemd. I start it manually.

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