Failed to load syncthing with STATICIP on windows 10

I do access a lot of the webUI applications through a STATIC IP and port forwarding over the internet. I tried to do the same thing where I put my STATIC IP in the Settings>Connections section and forwarded the necessary port by creating a rule in Firewall and also on my router.

Syncthing is refusing to load after that stating:

WARNING: Failed starting API: listen tcp STATICIP:8384: bind: The requested address is not valid in its context.

What should I do rectify this issue. Thank you very much.

Syncthing (or any application) can’t listen on an address that isn’t on your computer. You can leave the address at default and just set up the port forward towards the internal address.

Also make sure you don’t confuse the two addresses / ports – you mention Settings -> Connections which is for the sync port, but the error is for the GUI port (Settings -> GUI).

The address that I used was my Public IP. Now I have changed the address inside Settings>GUI as you correctly pointed out.

My issue is I am unable to access the GUI anymore with the above Error message. If you could tell me how I can regain the GUI. Where can I go and make the necessary changes so it listens to localhost again.

And if there is a possibility of it being available over the internet. How to go about it?

I am on Windows 10


Depending on how you start it you can override it by the option -gui-address http://localhost:8384 or by setting the environment variable STGUIADDRESS=http://localhost:8384. Then you can access the GUI and change it there permanently. Otherwise you can change it directly in the config.xml.

Thank you so much. Much appreciated. I was able to resolve this issue.

What I would like to know is how I can get it over the internet with a STATICIP and the same or a different port in windows 10. Is there any guide available

I’m not sure about a guide, but set the listen address on Syncthing to and create a port forward for port 8384 in your router and you should be good to go.

Thank you soooo much… that did work

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