Failed to create UPnP port mapping (W7: not syncing) solved

I’m new to synthing and installed it first on 2 raspberry’s Now I want to connect two windows7 machines, so I installed SyncTrayzor on both (I think it’s a syncthing package what autostart and autoupdate syncthing.) it’s running version v0.10.30 now

Both machines give the same warning Failed to create UPnP port mapping , but they are different machines on different locations.

Sync isn’t starting, the devices are ‘unused’

how can i solve this?

“Unused” means you haven’t shared a folder with the device, so there is nothing to sync. The UPnP notice just means we didn’t find an UPnP compliant gateway, which is not necessarily a problem.

Thank you for your fast reply. Now added a folder but the message is I tells me ‘Not connected’

I’ve restarted both sides. Any suggestion where to look?

btw: my raspberry does sync perfect with the windows7 machine in the same localnetwork but the other w7 machine on another location won´t sync with the raspberry either, so it seems syncing over internet is a problem.

To connect from th intenet you need to set a port forwarding for the listening port (22000) on the router, so the PI is accessible from the internet. If the second Pi should be connactable from the internet too, it needs a different port and also a port forwarding on the router.

Thank you, I’ve found I had to set UPnP in the modem, so it isn’t necessary to set the port forwarding for my modem FritzBox you need to do the following: goto or => internet => permit acces => Set ‘Allow UPnP’