failed to call syncthing

My scenario: I have a kubernetes cluster and I’m using okteto which has syncthing installed. I run okteto up and it starts a pod in the cluster. Syncthing seems to be working fine at this point as I can see my directory and all the folders. When I run a job, all the files are created if I look at the pod within the cluster itself. However, if I look at the file directly on the server running syncthing, I have alot of .tmp files that dont appear in the pod. image

At this point, my okteto into the pod has frozen and I’ve lost access: While looking at the okteto logs it says syncthing has failed:

My syncthing log shows errors which seem to be indicating they cant find the files because of the .tmp

My container eventually dies saying it cant find a specific file which is in the container, but not on the server file it is synced to but it is in the container itself.

Thank you in advance

Looks like it’s doing config changes, restarting Syncthing, and using some sort of ssh port forward for the sync connection. You should talk to Okteto as this is their solution, certainly looks quite special.

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