Failed Items, open files

How can I avoid sync failures on open files?

Syncthing Console output INFO: Scanner (folder “SyncFolder” (SyncFolder), item “IntDataPS\Symbols\SYMBOLS.dbf”): hashing: open \?\C:\SyncFolder\IntDataPS\Symbols\SYMBOLS.dbf: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Syncthing configuration: Windows 10 with SyncTrayzor installed, syncing to Linux server. Send Only folder configuration, no file versioning.

I know the file SYMBOLS.dbf is open by another program, can syncthing be configured to sync open files?

Windows does not allow other programs to interact with open files. They are basically locked from access. You can safely ignore the errors, but Syncthing will still be unable to actually sync the files until they become accessible again (i.e. the program that has been locking them stops doing that).

Backup utilities deal with this by using shadow copies, etc., but Syncthing has no such workarounds designed specifically for Windows.

Thanks for quick reply tomasz86 I’ll look for something that uses shadow copy for this one task.

Just throwing out an idea, but if you want to sync the files for backup purposes only, then you could use other software, or even the Windows built-in backup utility, to shadow copy the folder, and then sync only that one with Syncthing.

Of course, depending on the actual files that are being locked, and the programs that are using them, the backed up copies may not actually be usable in such a state.

Thanks for the “thinking outside the box” idea tomasz86. Been looking around, found SyncBack, has shadow copy and can backup when file changes occur. But will keep looking for something open source.

You may want to check FreeFileSync. In the past, it used to have some controversies with adware bundled with the installer, and now promotes a so called “donation version”, which really should be called a pro version instead, which can be off-putting. However, the program is still open source licensed under the GPL. It is capable of copying locked files using shadow copies. It also offers command line utilities with real time monitoring.

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