F-droid update

Hi Syncthingers,

The latest Android app hasn’t appeared on F-Droid as yet. Does anyone know if that’s an issue with the github settings, or a failed build at F-Droid’s end, or something else? If it’s a case of being patient then I’ll do that - not sure how many people use the F-Droid repo, but we find it really useful.

Linky: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/ It says: Version 0.10.13 (4146) - Added on 2018-07-30

thanks Danny

There is a problem at the fdroid build server, I just proposed a change that hopefully fixed it. So it’s probably a matter of patience :wink:

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Awesome news- thanks!

The new version is available in F-Droid.


If you’re opposed to Gxxgle stealing a considerable amount of your privacy and thus are not using gapps and the play store on your Andriod phone then F-Droid is probably the thing you’re using instead. So yes, this is useful, please keep maintaining it! :+1:


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