External hdd

Hi, i want to sync from may macbook pro to an external hdd connected via usb. I did edit the folder but under “shared devices” it wont show the macbook pro, only other devices like my windows machine, nas and phone. How do i set this up?

Also, will it sync the tags as well to the external hdd?

Would be nice if somebody could help a newbie

Thx a lot

Syncthing is used for syncthing with remote devices, not on the local device to remote storage.

Unless you have the external hdd connected most times, another tool than Syncthing is probably better suited for occasional syncs (rsync, unison, …). If you really want to, you can sync to it with Syncthing either by directly syncing to the mounted ext hdd from remote or by running a separate Syncthing instance for the ext hdd, which will be able to connect to the regular macbook instance. However that seems a bit silly, as it uses resources for encryption to communicate over loopback.

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