External File Versioning

Hello, i try use “external file versioning”. I found referencial script I edit my path, only. I use on my notebook where is Ubuntu 18.04 and sync with my android phone. If i remove file from phone, syncthing does not work and write delete file: exit status 2.

I add this exec 2> ~/sync_log.txt to script and i see in log file this onlylatest.sh: 10: onlylatest.sh: 1: parameter not set

On 10th line is assign parameter folderpath="$1" this looks like, syncthing does not pass parameters to script.

I use Syncthing 1.3.1 on notebook

Thank for answer.

Syncthing is cool. :slight_smile:

I fixed it :slight_smile: My bad, i forgot add variables for script to setup for syncthing %FOLDER_PATH% %FILE_PATH%

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