Excrutiatingly Slow Download/Upload - fix?

Hello. This has been asked several times. I’ve not deteted an answer I can understand.

I have syncthing on a Mac, and on a Synology server, all local network.

iperf reports 360 Mbits/sec transfer speeds between them.

I have not (to my knowledge) modified any settings. Both machines use static IP addresses. NAT traversal, Global Discovery, Local Discovery, and Enable Relaying are all enabled. Rate limits are “0 KiB/s”.

I’m getting between 4 and 200 KiB/s upload and download speeds, which is unusable.

Before I remove it and find another solution, can anyone point to some obvious trouble shooting?

Many thanks.

If you found other questions and answers on the same topic, you will probably have seen that they all begin with suggestions to check the connection type and requests for screenshots of both sides.

I have. I had hoped that confirming that “Both machines use static IP addresses” would be sufficient.

It appears to be in sync, except for a few deleted items which are apparently not proceeding. You can see why on the other side.

The screenshots were taken after it synced.

The question is about the time it took to sync.

As a troubleshooting step, I specified the address of the Synology server. The synology is now marked as “Disconnected”, yet synchronisation is still being performed - I can see files appearing on the Synology. I also get a list of other IP addresses:

How many files are you trying to sync specifically? Are there a lot of small files? In general, syncing a one big file will be much faster than syncing thousands of small files of the same size.

Also, what is the hardware on the Synology side? If it’s something very slow, then that will also affect how fast Syncthing can process things.

Please disregard. I’ve installed Resilio Sync and am getting full bandwidth. CLOSED

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