Exclude directories/files/pattern in file versioning

In one of my shared folders there are some files (in a single directory) with a high update frequency which I don’t want/need to be versioned on all other devices in my syncthing cluster.
:question: Is there a feature to exclude some directories or files or a pattern in any type of file versioning?

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Maybe you find your solution in the documentation



But it´s not possible to have ignore patterns for items for versioning.

It would be cool to have, but it is impossible right now in the same manner as you manage ignore patterns. You could, however, use external versioning and have your own scripts to version only selected files (or exclude specific ones, etc.). The Docs have all the needed information, although you do need to have some proficiency regarding bash/batch scripts if you want to perform more advanced operations.

Yeah, external versioner is the way forward here.

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