Everything is gone, again.

The option to “ignore deletes” is gone. My server is receive only, the seedbox is send only, I have six different folders that keep the devices in sync sorted by content type, all have the same “settings”, server is receive only, seedbox is send only, but every time I clear the downloads on the seedbox, all of my audio books disappear. What am I missing?

If you deleted the content, it syncs the deletions as expected, I am not sure what you are trying to do, but sounds like its doing what you asked it to do.

I can delete all of the downloaded movies from the seedbox, and keep them on my server, this was the expected behavior, as the seedbox is much smaller than the server. I can’t figure out what I did wrong that the Audio Books folder doesn’t mimic this behavior. There used to be an “ignore deletes” option, but with that gone, I wasn’t required to do anything special in any of the other folders, what do I have to do to this one? Why is it different?

I found “Ignore deletes” in Advanced. It isn’t checked for other folders, that don’t delete all of my files, but I checked it and hopefully that solves the problem.

No aspect of what you are using syncthing for is actual syncing, it’s just downloading from A to B. This unidirectional transfer is not the scenario syncthing it’s made for, and I think we’d like to remove ignore deletes option as soon as it’s reasonably possible. If you just want to transfer files from A to B, there are probably better tools.

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