Every time a folder is deleted or moved - access is denied

Every time I delete or move a subfolder of a synced folder, all other machines do this:

[KX5Y3] 11:43:52 INFO: Puller (folder “Sync” (ynkgz-fwwsx), item “Personal\AA\General Service\Southwest Regional Forum 2021”): syncing: delete dir: remove \?\C:\Sync\Personal\AA\General Service\Southwest Regional Forum 2021: Access is denied. [KX5Y3] 11:43:52 INFO: Puller (folder “Sync” (ynkgz-fwwsx), item “Personal\AA\General Service\Southwest Region\SWRDA\SWRDA 2022”): syncing: delete dir: remove \?\C:\Sync\Personal\AA\General Service\Southwest Region\SWRDA\SWRDA 2022: Access is denied. [KX5Y3] 11:43:52 INFO: “Sync” (ynkgz-fwwsx): Failed to sync 2 items

I have verified the synced folder and all subfolders and files are:

  • Not read-only
  • Owned by .\Users
  • Full control by .\Users

The only way to fix this is to manually delete the folder, on every machine. I’ve read various posts on this forum (and the reddit forum) and I have not found a solution.

Does it have a custom icon?

No, and again, this is any folder, which has been a variety of different subfolders, within various folder structures. There appears to be no pattern. Some of these are old folders that were deleted, some were brand new. Some were moved to a new subfolder, some were just flat out deleted. Some had files in them, some were empty.

The 2 I’m looking at right now, were not actually deleted, but moved to a new location.

(Updated Summary and Description to include moves)

Still a problem. I just created a folder and then deleted it, and now, I have to go to every machine and delete it manually.

I haven’t tested this myself, but my idea is that the problem may be about the folders being located in C:\. Can you try creating a test folder e.g. on the desktop (or any other location inside %USERPROFILE%) and then see what happens there?

Hard to test that theory, but I’ll try. Also, I’ve changed Ownership and granted Full Control for all files and folders to .\Users, which has had no effect on the issue.

Not able to confirm your theory because if I create a folder, add a file, let it sync, then delete it, that works…in both locations. There must be something else occurring in this process that is causing the issue, but it does happen about a third of time.

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