Every new folder needs to be paused/unpaused to start syncing

I really can’t figure out why and it’s starting to frustrate me as I regularly have to add and remove folders for syncing.

My process is this:

Machine 1: Add folder, name it, note down unique ID, set path and tick to share it with Machine 2
Machine 2: Add folder, name it, enter the same unique ID from Machine 1, set path and tick to share it with Machine 1.

Now either wait endlessly (I’ve left it for over an hour before, and nothing), or pause syncing for the other device on either Machine, unpause syncing and wait for some arbitrary length of time until they finally start syncing the 1 or 2 measly files in the folders.

Now I should note, from this point on things generally go great. Syncing is fast (within 10 seconds as per the wait period, unless I use an API call to force a quick rescan), persists between startups and shutdowns and no issues there. It’s just that this process has to be done with every new folder, and it makes no sense. The other folders can even continue syncing whilst the new folders and twiddling their thumbs. Everything just says “Up to Date”, including the new folders.

Am I missing something in the way I set up new folders? For reference, this issue happens across all machines on my network, whether it’s a Windows-Windows sync, Windows-Linux sync, using the same versions of syncthing or different versions on each machine (e.g v1.5.0 on my Linux machine but v1.6.1 on my Windows machine). I have port forwarded the correct ports on all machines.

I think this is fixed in #6778 (things not being appropriately restarted to take effect with new folders).

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