Every file update creates a conflict

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I am running syncthing v1.0.0 on a number of devices (Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Laptop, local Ubuntu 16.04, VPS Ubuntu 18.04, Smartphone, Tablet). To isolate the problem, I deactivated all devices except Windows PC and VPS Ubuntu.

If I create a file on my PC, it is synced to VPS (virtual private server in the cloud). Any update of the file creates a conflict with the PC’s node name as part of the conflict file. This happens under these conditions

  • file watching on
  • file watching off
  • syncthing stopped while updating the file The file is synced and after a while the conflict comes back from the remote machine.

Steps to reproduce: Change a text file on PC and save it.

My assumption is the problem is caused by the VPS setup. Synced files are located on a mounted samba share, mounted with mount.cifs. The mount command is mount.cifs -o seal,user=$USER,pass=$PW //$SERVER/$SUBDIR $MNTDIR

Is there any way to get more detailed information from the remote VPS to further analyze this issue?

Cheers, Chris


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Samba does not support unix permissions, so every time a file is saved, we set the permissions, read them back, and they are changed, hence conflict. Set ignore permissions for cifs shares.

I am also pretty sure this was answered tons of times before on the forum, so a quick search on the forum could have saved everyone time.

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Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for wasting a few minutes of your time. I did search before, but obviously not for the right keywords.

If this is such a regular issue, wouldn’t it make sense to automatically set “ignore perms” if the underlying fs is samba?


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How do you check that it’s samba? What if it’s some other magical filesystem that we never heard of?


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I don’t know about Linux programming, but on command line ‘mount -t cifs’ can be used and /proc/mounts (parseable text file) contains that info as well. Just thought if this is a common issue for many users, it might be worthwhile to prevent it programmatically. Saves you the pain of repeatedly answering questions like mine… :slight_smile:

Could “ignore perms” be set if a folder is mapped to a directory on or beneath a cifs mount point?


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