Every file only 128bytes - FreeBSD


I am running syncthing inside a jail on FreeNAS and have encountered a strange problem with file sizes. In one of my folders syncthing finds only about half the of content and reports all those files with 128bytes each:

The folder actually contains more than 20k files and has 19GiB.

Multiple other folders with the same filesystem permissions work fine, the only difference is that the offending folder has much more files in it. But I cannot imagine that 20k files are too much for syncthing, the scan only takes a few seconds…

I have already tried removing and adding back the folder, resetting the db using the api and starting with a fresh install but nothing has helped so far.

This is getting really frustrating, hope someone can help

EDIT: the files also get synced to other machines with 128 bytes

Are you sure that the folder isn’t actually still scanning? I seem to recall that the ‘Unshared’ state overrides the ‘Scanning’ state in the GUI, even though they’re actually orthogonal.

I left it scanning for over a week before the reinstall and it didn’t change

I think there might be some issue with the scanner and potentially permissions.

So you have 20k files and its reporting 10k and all files at 128kb?

Can you run with STTRACE=scanner and provide logs?

Also, of you could install go and check what go’s os.Stat returns that would be interesting.

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