Event Persistence

Hey guys

I use the events to trigger some additional logic, but if my syncthing goes down, so do the events stored in memory and anything that I missed is now lost forever.

Is there any existing way that I can parse historic events? If not, how do I add a feature request?

Kind regards

There isn’t. I’m also somewhat skeptical that it would be a good idea to attempt to persist events, and even we did there would need to be a limit to the amount of events stored. That means there remain situations where you lose events, so you’ll sort of need to be prepared to handle that regardless…

Thanks Jakob.

I only have a few events that are really of importance, so the volume should not be too crazy.

I’ll write a small script that listens for events and persists them in a redis queue and postgres db.

I would then use that queue and db for any applications dependent on event information.

I’ll maybe publish a Docker Image to Dockerhub that will do this for anyone interested in the same thing. Will post a link to the image here.

Just to summarise

Event long-term persistence is not a part of the Syncthing roadmap and alternative measures should be taken to persist them if that is a requirement.