Escaping Ignore Patterns

I’ve noticed that our nodes are syncing Office temporary files so I’ve decided to start using Ignore Patterns. I’ve read the Wiki over at: however I can’t seem to get it working.

My .stignore contains: #include .stignorepatterns

The patterns I’ve added to .stignorepatterns are:

~$.doc ~$.docx ~$.ppt ~$.pptx ~$.xls ~$.xlsx

I’ve also tried them with a backslash in front of the ~ and $ characters and it still isn’t working.

Any ideas?

I think you might only need to escape the $

I’ve tried that @AudriusButkevicius. I’ve tried escaping both characters individually and together.

Yeah, I don’t know then. You can probably write a test case and make a pull request fixing it, relevant parts here:


But I feel that this also might be a windows only thing.

I think this is a bug. The matcher converts the glob patterns to regexps, but doesn’t escape $, ^ and probably some more characters that are special in regexps but not in globs. You should be able to work around it by throwing either one or two \ in front of the dollar sign…


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Thanks @calmh :smile: